What’s Your Story? How To Create and Turn Your Business Story Into Profits

Let me ask you… What’s your story?

I mean…

Do you and your business have a story? How did you get to where you are and why did you create the business you have?

We get so used to all the “guru’s” and others preaching to us that no one cares about you and only is interested in themselves.

This can be true to a point. We’ll get to buying triggers and selling your benefits like a pro later, but for now…

Let’s dive into creating your story.

Here’s something I found interesting and you may too…

I was looking at Google analytics on one of my websites (basically page views, what people looked at and how long they were on my site).

It turns out the page that was my story was visited by over 70% of new visitors to my site https://www.tragedyinfo.com/george-michael-death-obituary-george-michael-cause-of-death/

Guess how many percent of new visitors entered my testimonial page?

Only A Little Over 50%.

This means that more people wanted to learn about me versus results I generated for clients. Now results and proof all matter.

But the point is…

Your Story Can Be Extremely Powerful.

If didn’t think your story matters or not sure how to create or express your story, then you’re in luck. Why?

Because I’m going to give you some quick tips so you can begin creating your story and letting people know about your story.

But first…

Want to know something you can add to your emails, sales letters or any other sales message and causes more people to read your message?

Something that can keep your prospect moving from one sentence to the next-in a smooth interrupted manner.

What is it?

Using the same thing we’re talking about. If you haven’t uncovered this or tried using stories for yourself, then you’re in for a treat right now.

Using a story or stories in your messages can be a great way to draw people into your message. Plus…

A good story can easily do the selling for you as well.

There’s also an extremely simple and easy way to increase the chances of someone reading way more of your message and story as well.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s talk about why stories are great for selling or talking about your product, service and or business.

Stories can be used to sell products or even ideas.

Stories can be used to entertain or even teach.

Here’s a perfect example of this…

Guess what the most famous book in the world is?

The Bible. It’s full of stories.

Some of the most successful and famous ads of all time involved stories.

A copywriter by the name of John Caples wrote what most call the “20th century most successful mail order ad”.

The headline was…

“They laughed when I sat down at the piano But when I started to play… “

There is a part of you that wants to see the underdog win.

This headline hooks you emotionally.

You want to know what happens and does he freak out or win over the bullies. Does he actually play good or fall flat on his face?

In this ad, they could of just talked about music lessons, but the story puts a twist on another music product.

In other words, you dive into the story which is really the ad. The story does the heavy lifting and selling for you.

As a matter of fact…

People always love good stories.

From the time we were kids, we listened to and enjoyed stories.

Even as adults, you’re at a family event or party and you’re drawn into a crazy or interesting story.

Maybe your buddy called you and told you the funniest or most interesting story you’ve heard all day?

Maybe your husband or wife just told you the “horror story” from work or a crazy incident involving their friend and the latest gossip?

The point is…

Stories can not only get people involved in your sales message more, but also…

Stories do the “heavy lifting” of your sales message or goal like we spoke about.

Everyone loves a good story and if you can combine your story with some entertainment and value, then you have a winning combination.

Oh by the way, you probably wanted to know what I mentioned a little while ago-you know when I said there was one easy way to have people read more of your message and or story.

That one way is through…

Cliff Hangers or Teasers.

Like when I said “I’ll get to that in a minute”.

Cliff Hangers can be powerful in messages.

Just think about your favorite television show, maybe were really getting into it and then here comes the commercial or the end.

You can’t stop watching it now, you need to know how it turns out.

The news is notorious for this. You know the old…

“There’s something in your house right now that could be harming your family, but first let’s go to Mr. X for the weather” or…

“We’ll talk about that harmful thing tonight at 10!”

Why wouldn’t they just tell you now?

Because they want you to come back or to stay tuned.

Teasers or cliff hangers can be powerful and explosive when combined with stories and or messages.

If still not sure if you can come up with your sales message story, then this quick tip below could make your next story so much easier to create and write.

A while back I heard a drop dead simple formula for coming up with a story.

Want to hear it?

O.K. since you said yes.

In a great book by the name of Pitch Anything… the author talks about this formula and it go’s something like this…

Put a Man In The Jungle. Have Lions Attack The Man. Does He Survive and If So, How?

It’s not exactly like that, but that’s it in a nutshell pretty much.

I know you may be thinking that’s way too simple. But think about any good story or even movie you’ve seen. It all follows the same formula.

Let me put it another way for you real quick…

Character is put into an intense situation.

Some drama or action takes place.

The character is defeated or most likely-overcomes the experience and you see this all unfold before your eyes.

That’s it.

Try using this drop dead simple formula the next time you need to create a story.

Now liked we spoke about…

The story you are telling could be about your business. Your product. Your customers experience…

Or even a story that somehow ties back to your sales offer.

We talked about stories for selling. What about what we started to speak about in the beginning?

Creating your business story. One you can use on your site or marketing.

Let’s first start here…

How did you get to where you are?

You obviously didn’t just start your business today. Or even if you did…

What made you get to the point where you absolutely had to open your doors or set up a business website?

What ignited your passion and made you start?

If you really think on this and tie it into why you really created your business and how your passion helps your customers experience better value…

Then this can be an important part of your business story.

A quick nugget about “your story” though…

I’m referring to where on your website you have a bio or my story page or a tab.

If using a sales page or medium, keep your story short, list why they should listen to you and then…

Continue how your product or service… Is For Them.

Speaking of your product or service story…

Here’s a great profitable story that may be exactly what you need to make sure your next promotion or launch is successful.

There’s a fantastic story about a direct response copywriter by the name of Claude Hopkins.

In the 1920’s, he was put in charge of improving the Schlitz Beer advertising campaign.

They were all the way in fifth place in the beer market at the time.

After being hired for the job, Hopkins toured the brewery to get to know the product.

He discovered an elaborate filtration process in which the beer was sterilized and cooled in a special way over frigid pipes – All in a plate glass room in which only filtered air could enter.

When he asked the person giving him the tour…

Why they weren’t telling people about this…

He was told that “every brewery filtered beer this way”.

What Was Hopkins Response?

“But others have never told this story.”

This beer production story injected into the new advertising campaign took Schlitz beer from fifth place in the beer market to being tied for first.

You See…

Even though they weren’t original in their process, by them telling the story first, it drew people in and turned them from just another beer to a leader in the industry.

Another great example…

Joe Sugarman (great direct response copywriter and marketer) actually built an entire company off of one story ad.

Have you ever heard of BlueBlockers?

Yes, those sunglasses.

He placed his ad in some airline magazines and other sources.

This ad launched the company and he turned that success into infomercials and massive QVC selling sprees.

Actually, they sold over 20 million pairs of those puppies.

This one page ad that started it all not only told a story, it provided education to the consumer and…

Used his own skepticism of the product to the selling advantage.

A lot of people will tell you…

The blockbuster story ad I’m speaking about is one of the most successful direct response story ads ever written.

I thought that blockbuster ad I’m talking about now is such a great example of a story selling a product, that I included a copy of this ad in this section.

Before that story example though, what about the customers you’ve dealt with and their experience?

Do you have any testimonials or feedback that can be turned into a success story?

Now if you have some generic testimonials or some that are lacking some finesse, then this is where you can inject some drama.

Always be honest with your marketing, but…

If your testimonial or customer experience can be spiffed up and everything is legit then why not add some of the drama and excitement needed.

Let’s say you’re going to put a client success story in your next campaign.

The problem is…

The testimonial just says… “You were great. Thanks”.

(Now I included your own testimonial generation letter with this system, so you’ll be receiving top notch feedback before you know it and never receive something like… “nice work”)

Now… if you remember that customer told you before they bought your product…

He or she was online for hours searching for this product…

Fiends all had it and they have been wanting it for months…

Searched 5 different stores and finally found it at one store, but way too expensive…

Then their car broke down on the highway, then finally…

Found your store and you actually had the best value.

It was worth all the hassles.

You can share all this and talk about his adventure and all the drama they experienced.

You were the hero. This is a quick example.

But the point is…

You just took the same old boring testimonial and now transformed it into some drama and excitement.

Remember, if you’re rewriting a testimonial or ever putting a customer in marketing, always get permission to use their info and or story.

Always have them sign off on any changes or things you wrote for them as well.

If it’s honest and they agree, then go for it.

But again, only if legit.

Now… What About You?

What do you do outside or inside of work that people may be interested in?

Do you have weird hobbies or maybe other things you’re passionate about?

Travel to interesting places? Have funny pets? An interesting family?

Do you have a dramatic or exciting experience that brought you to here right now?

You may think no one cares, but your story can not only make you “more human” than others…

It also can build a better rapport with your customers.