Infertility in Women – Can EFT Tapping Banish It?

A U.S. university study on eliminating infertility in women enabled infertile women to resume ovulating. It achieved this by way of a 20-week stress relief program of Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT).
Faster EFT Practitioner
However the remarkable new energy method EFT is more prone to take only one 1 to 3 sessions to alleviate serious stress!
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be an easy self-help acupressure method that is safe, gentle and often fast in reducing and even eliminating stress of several kinds.
Around the world, it has recently opened the way to motherhood for amounts of women having difficulty conceiving children.
How is EFT done?
To do this acupressure process, you fingertap on key stress points on your own face and body while you briefly focus on a particular problem. Whenever your energy system is rebalanced in this way, a specific problem will probably fade away.
This may be hard to believe – but results have been extensively documented since EFT’s development in the 1990s.
This energy method addresses stress-related issues at their energetic source, your body’s meridian system, which Chinese physicians mapped thousands of years ago.
EFT is cheaper!
As EFT is heaps cheaper than other possible answers to infertility, that could be one of the reasons to try EFT first, when you are having difficulty becoming a mother.
Other reasons include that it’s simple and easy to understand, and that it often works where nothing else will.
(As an EFT coach, I know of a case where this gentle energy-balancing technique made a surgical operation, scheduled because of a urinary problem, unnecessary. The one who administered the EFT was the Californian surgeon who ordered the operation, Dr. Eric Robins! )
Being an energy method, EFT is 21st. century know-how. Internationally many doctors, psychologists, some psychiatrists and thousands of other healthcare experts are adding ‘a bit of EFT’ to their skills.
This simple do-it-yourself acupressure technique eliminates lowers stress degrees of both body and mind.
EFT beginners generally achieve 50% success, and often higher. Many experienced EFT practitioners say their successes with clients are in the high 90s. Crazy idea — how could tapping possibly affect infertility?
EFT does not replace competent medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. It generally does not diagnose. It is a healing aid, an extra, that provides people possibility to help themselves relieve their stress quickly, with or minus the support of an EFT coach…
When stress, anxiety and stress are resolved, people no longer experience high stress levels. A far more relaxed body behaves more normally.
EFT targets someone’s disrupted energy meridian system because the real driver behind heightened stress levels and infertility in women.
Ovulation cycle restored
Participants in the infertility study at Emory University in the U.S. learned Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches for dealing with stress. After 20 weeks of therapy, 80% of the ladies started ovulating.
Dr. Sarah Berga led the study, and said, ‘It is quite possible there are lots of individuals who could benefit from stress decrease in terms of infertility therapies.’ According to EFT founder Gary Craig, ‘EFT offers a faster, more permanent treatment for stress reduction and fertility issues, since it addresses the energy imbalance along with the unresolved negative emotions that are creating the energy imbalance and infertility.’
Jane gave birth
A boy is growing up in the UK now because his mother, Jane, could tap away stressful emotional issues that appeared to be stopping her conceiving. EFT practitioner Dr.Tam Llewellyn-Edwards has worked with several women having difficulties conceiving children. In 3 EFT sessions he supported Jane to get rid of some extreme fears.
Jane was frightened of having a baby, scared that she would not be considered a good mother, and in addition scared that her husband would love their baby more than he loved her.
Says Dr. Llewellyn-Edwards: ‘Four months later I heard from Jane. She was two months pregnant! She now includes a lovely 3-year-old boy, and she did cope, and her husband still loves her.’